Buyer’s Final Walk Through

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for continuing to check back and reading our blog. This week we are going to explain what to expect and look for during a final walk through. The final walk-through was created to confirm that the property is in the same condition as when the buyer submitted their offer. If the buyer and seller have negotiated items to be repaired, this is the opportunity to make sure those items are completed. Here are a few tips to take into account when completing the walk through.

1. Don’t wait until the day of closing
You will want to complete the final walk through at least 3 days prior to close of escrow. Completing your final walk through at least three days before close of escrow will ensure that the house is ready to be transferred into the buyers name.
2. Look for repairs that were to be completed
Make sure you come prepared with the repair requests that you have made. Bring the list of items that you have requested to visually inspect that they were completed. For items that are not available to be visually inspected, make sure you receive receipts for the items repaired by the seller.
3. What to do if you find a problem
It is possible that you will find the property in a condition that is different from when you first saw it. This issue comes up from time to time; do not be alarmed. Notify the seller of the corrections to be made in order to close escrow.
4. Be Flexible
It is typically common courtesy for a seller to clean the house before close of escrow but a seller may leave the house dirty. Unless a house cleaning is agreed-upon in writing the seller is not obligated to do so. Be flexible and understanding to this event.

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