Before all else,
we’re a team.

Ed Drummond could have been a brand of one. The founder of Capstone Realty Professionals, his positive, powerful enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication would have gotten him far.

But not far enough

Going it alone would not create the collective impact he envisioned – a legacy of generational wealth – not just for himself, but for his entire team, the community and clients.
After working together since 2008, partner Evan FaQuin joined Capstone when it was founded in 2012. Her dedication and alignment to the Capstone vision was elemental in helping to form the dedicated, scrappy and savvy team that is now 13 strong, managing a portfolio of over 600 homes for more than 520 clients.

For over 14 years, Capstone has grown by learning and teaching, by actively providing excellent customer service and by being as committed to caring as they are to real estate buying, selling and managing.
The Capstone standards, for every team member and every client, put their core beliefs into action.

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Go one step further.

While most real estate professionals dig deep trenches of competition, we focus on collaboration. We use a family ethic for one another and for our clients. What wouldn’t you do for the people closest to you?

Do what others don’t.

While others spend all their energy on the one-time transaction, we take our time to build genuine relationships. We think that’s evidence of courage, taking the time necessary to invest long-term in a world obsessed with the immediate grab.

Find out where
the win is.

Empathy is essential in life’s significant decisions, including real estate investments. We are always seeking to understand and find ways to win – for our team and for our clients.

It’s on me.

Every member of our team needs to believe in ownership. Not just when it comes to real estate, but in their mindset. When you own something, you get it done.

Bring your energy.

Love is the most powerful energy in the world. We seek clients and team members who thrive on their positive, compassionate and committed attitude that matches our own.

Why collaborate with us?

  1. Like us, you believe relationships are more valuable than properties.
  2. You are a long-term thinker and want a strategic partner to help create that legacy portfolio.
  3. You want to buy, sell and manage properties with one attentive, kind partner who teaches you, not tells you what to do.
  4. You want options, not self-interested recommendations. Far too many in our industry are looking out for themselves, not their clients, when they offer suggestions. We don’t. It’s always about you.
  5. You see real estate through the lens of partnership and are intrigued by the idea of property partnering and how we practice it.

Game on

If you resonate with the above, we’d love explore how we might provide you with our talents and our multi-platform technology to ensure consistent exposure to the prospective buyer/seller pool, our vast contact list and our local knowledge to get the scoop on the latest properties and pocket listings to give our clients greater access than the competition.