What To Look For When Inspecting a Roof

Capstone RAW with Professional Roofer Jason Payne from State 48 Roofing

Roof inspections are mandatory for any new home purchase and thankfully so because purchasing a new roof and even simple repairs can get costly. For new homeowners, it is important that they feel confident that their roof does not have any issues. Hiring the right roof inspector is important, which is why we refer our clients to State 48 Roofing here in Phoenix. Jason and his team provide quality and honest work, which is what Capstone is all about.

In this quick video, Jason gives us a brief rundown of what to look for during a roof inspection when it comes to vegetation on the property and most importantly near the roof. Trees and vines that are located near the roof or even end up touching the roof can have harmful longterm effects on the roof materials.

Getting a roof inspection every year is important, especially if vines and trees run close to the roof. That debris that falls from the trees or vines can affect the longevity of your roof. Avoiding inspections can cause major, costly damages in the future which is why we encourage a once a year inspection!

For more questions on roof inspections prior to purchasing, contact the Capstone team today and make sure to watch the full video below for a complete rundown by Jason and Ed!