5 Ways to Boost Home Value

Happy Wednesday! Thank you you taking the time to read our blog post today. This week we will be sharing the 5 ways to boost the value of your home when selling your home. If you have any questions on the following items, give us a call at 602-354-5404.

1. Landscaping
Your Landscaping is the first item that the potential buyer for your home will see, make sure that it looks pristine! The first impression is always the most important, don’t let the simple task of landscaping blow your chances with a qualified buyer.
2. Bring in Lots of Light
Bring in all the Natural Light as possible! Open all window coverings and turn on every light in the house. The more light the better! Buyers today love when a home is really bright.
3. Flooring
Is your flooring original? It might be time to think about replacing it. You have plenty of options with it be replacing it with the same material or changing it up with a new feel. Laying fresh carpet and tile is usually recommended. We find that when a listings has fresh flooring, the home becomes more appealing to the buyer.
4. Bathroom Updates
It is very easy to overlook the bathroom, but it is very important to make them look nice. For example, a few easy updates can be replacing the sink faucets, remove water stains from the shower, updating doorknobs/cabinet pulls and applying fresh caulking.
5. Fresh Paint
Last but not least, a fresh coat of paint is one of our biggest recommendations when listing a house for sale. There is nothing like walking into a home that has a smell of fresh paint, it makes you feel like you are in a new home.

That’s it for the week! We would like to thank you again for checking out our blog post this week, be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new update. If you have any questions regarding selling your home, buying a home or any real estate related questions give us a call! 602-354-5404