Get Your Home Ready For A Paint Job

Happy Wednesday! This week we will be talking about how to get your home ready for a paint job. We had a Lunch and Learn yesterday with John Antioco from CertaPro Painters. *John is the gentleman in the yellow shirt in the photo above* John has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to painting a home or building. Here are the top items that we believe will be the most beneficial to you, the homeowner.

1. Remove Everything Away from the Walls
This will make the job so much easier for John’s painters to ensure that no item of furniture is damaged or gets paint dripped on it. Plus, the job will go faster so the painter can move quickly from wall to wall without having to work around the furniture.
2. Spot Clean Dirty Walls

Spot cleaning dirty walls, patching nail holes and repairing scuff marks will ensure that the paint job will last and not chip later down the road.
3. Remove Light Switch and Outlet Covers
You should always remove outlet and light switch covers before a paint job because it ensures that the finished job will have a clean finish. You could spend the extra time to tape and wrap the covers although the job will not come out as crisp.
4. Mask and Drop Cloth The Area
If hiring a professional, it is recommend to leave the masking and drop cloth coverings to the painter. They have a lot more experience and will be able to mask around the trim, windows, doors and those tough corners.
5. Don’t Buy “All-In-One” Paint
All in one paint does not do the job as well as they claim. It is always recommended to use a primer first and then go over the primer with 1-2 coats of the paint color you wanted to use.
Thank you for stopping by our blog this week and if you have any questions regarding painting a home or if you would like to use John for your next paint job, please contact us at 602-354-5404! Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new blog post!