Get Your Offer Accepted in Today’s Market

Happy Wednesday! This week we are going to talk about one of the main issues buyers are having trouble with in today’s market, Getting Your Offer Accepted in Today’s Market. So you have found the perfect home and are ready to make the decision towards home ownership. What can you do to ensure you have the best possible outcome and Get Your Offer Accepted? Here are the Top 5 items to pay the most attention to:

1. Make Sure Your Offer is Complete
I know this seems to be an easy step, although you would be surprised how many offers are submitted that are missing documents and crucial information that is needed. In this market, properties are receiving multiple offers so it is important for your offer to be perfect.

2. Leave the Personal Property Out
Yes, I know how tempting it may be to ask for that beautiful painting or chandelier in the dining room. That piece may the the seller’s favorite part of the house and they are wanting to take it with them. If your offer is similar to another and they are not asking for that item, the seller may decide to go with that other offer.

3. Ensure Your Financing is On Point
Connect with your lender and see if your file has been pre-underwritten. When a file has been pre-underwritten by the lender’s underwriter, this gives the seller confidence that the file is likely to close. A pre-underwritten loan basically means that the lender is putting the file through a more thorough review.

4. Offer At or Above Asking Price
We are no longer in the days of low-ball offers and hope a seller accepts. In order to be a contender in a multiple offer situation you need to have an offer that will beat out other buyers. If the home is in a highly desired price point or neighborhood be prepared to offer above the asking price.

5. Don’t Ask for Too Much From the Seller
Make the terms of the contract as clean as possible for the seller. This means keeping the seller’s closing costs to the buyer as minimal as possible. Try and limit the amount of closing costs needed for you to purchase the home.

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