Top 5 Common Home Buyer Questions

Happy Wednesday! This week we are going to answer the top 5 questions that we get from home buyers. When deciding to buy a home, you are bound to have questions along the way. We hope that this post will help you with the buying process. If we don’t touch on a question that you would like answered, feel free to reach out to us at 602-354-5404.

1. How Long Is The Home Buying Process?
Once your offer is accepted, the timeframe is around 30-45 days. This timeline varies from one transaction to another as no two transaction are exactly the same.
2. Do I Really Need A REALTOR®?

A REALTOR® at Capstone Realty Professionals will be your most valuable asset when purchasing a home. They have the knowledge and skill to walk you through the tough parts of the real estate transaction. Take a look at our blog post
What Are The Benefits of Using A Real Estate Professional When Buying A Home?


3. Does A REALTOR® Charge A Fee To The Buyer?
No, in most cases it is absolutely free for a homebuyer to use a REALTOR®. The seller pays the REALTOR® fees to the listing broker, and then the listing broker pays the buyers broker for bringing a buyer and closing out the sale.
4. How Many Homes Should I See Before Submitting An Offer?
This question is one of the most commonly asked questions that we receive. The answer is, that there is no magic number of homes to look at before you feel comfortable with putting an offer on a home. There is no problem with falling in Love with the 1st or even the 10th home you see.
5. How Long Does The Seller Have To Respond To My Offer?
There is no standard timeframe although in todays market, buyers give about 24 hours for a response. This tactic is used when a home is just listed and the buyer wants to get the seller to respond before receiving additional offers. If the home has been on the market for an unusual amount of days and the seller is not currently in the home, 48 hours is a suggested timeframe for a response.

Thank you for stopping by our blog this week! We hope our posts help you with your real estate needs. If you have any questions regarding this real estate market, give us a call at 602-354-5404. Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new blog update!