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Capstone Realty is a leading Phoenix Property management group, helping first-time investors and long-term investors make smart decisions when it comes to renting out their property. As property managers, we know how important it is for investors to trust us in the process and trust that we will find the best renters to care for their home. We do all of the heavy lifting, connecting renters and homeowners every day, making sure that it is a good fit on both ends. Whether you are looking to rent your home out or you are looking as a renter yourself, Capstone is the Phoenix property management group to call!

Our Complete Phoenix Property Management Services

Capstone Realty provides full service property management to investors in Greater Phoenix. Our goal is to make the rental process as easy as possible for both homeowners and tenants. Listed below are each of our select property management services.

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Property Evaluation

The Capstone team will visit your property to better evaluate the appropriate rental cost based on the current market demand, home repairs, home value, neighborhood, and more.

Property Showings

We make sure that your property is shown to the right tenants by one of our professional Phoenix property managers. Because we know the ins and outs of your rental property, we can answer each question a potential tenant may have.

Tenant Screenings

Capstone Property Managers know how important it is to have the right tenants for the right property which is why we have an extensive screening process for tenant approval. We make sure that both tenant and owners are a good fit.

Property Marketing

Once a tenant is set to move out of a property, we make sure to pre-market the home to ensure the investor has consistency in tenants and monthly rental payments. Our goal is to turn over the property quickly so no one loses out.

Lease Contracts

Capstone has developed a thorough tenant – owner lease contract to ensure all parties are taken care of accordingly. Our lease contracts ensure both parties are held responsible for their part in the agreement. We handle the entire signing process.

Move In Inspections

A Capstone property manager in Greater Phoenix will perform the initial tenant walk through taking note of the current state of the property with the tenant. This will ensure the tenant and Property manager know the expectations of the home upon move-out.

Maintenance & Repairs

We know that there are always going to be repairs and maintenance necessary for every rental property which is why our team handles it for you. As your Phoenix Property Management team, we are full service and take care of each task for the home- owner.

Rent Collection

Capstone handles all things concerned with rent collection from tenants and deposits to homeowners. Our services include collecting late fees and communicating with tenants when issues occur with monthly payments.

Move-Out Inspections

After a tenant moves out, our team will perform the move out inspection to check for damages, repairs, and any maintenance or updates that need to be made to the property prior to a new tenant moving in.

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Q. What are the benefits of leasing my home vs selling?

Let’s face it, the bottom line of holding real estate is to create and hold wealth for the long term. Many people getting into real estate investing focus almost exclusively on the cash flow that the property produces every year, however, there are additional benefits that may help even more. Appreciation of the property over time, using the property as a tax advantage through depreciation, using leverage to buy the property, and having the tenants pay down the loan are all additional benefits that should be considered when renting out a property. We love to consult our clients and find the best strategy for them. Being a landlord isn’t for everyone but we find it’s helpful for our clients to know their options before making the decision to sell.

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Industry Leaders In Phoenix

Capstone Realty makes customer service a priority. We stay in constant communication with our clients, providing information on the latest opportunities and sharing new strategies to help our clients exceed their goals.

Capstone Realty has carved it’s own path as to how team approach is best utilized in the real estate industry for the benefit of the client.

Your Concerns Are Our Concerns

What sets the Capstone Realty Team apart is that we always put our client’s needs before our own. When utilizing our Phoenix property management services, it is important for our investors to trust us with their properties which means finding the best tenants, pricing the home accordingly, providing feedback on how to improve the quality of the home in order to increase the value of the home for better investment opportunities, and more. We treat your investment like our own!

The Team Mentality

Unlike many other property managers in the Phoenix Valley, we work together as a team. Our team members do not compete with each other, rather we combine all of our individual skills to create the best customer service program available in our industry. We are experienced realtors, long term investors, and seasoned property managers in Phoenix which makes us industry experts. Whether you are a first time investor or own multiple properties, our combined expertise and knowledge of the Phoenix marketplace is sure to help you!

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