Eric Smith



Eric is originally from Mississippi. He moved to Arizona in 2001 and instantly fell in love with the state. He bought the first of many homes in 2001 and quickly realized the benefits of homeownership. Over the next 15 years, he has bought and sold numerous homes as both investments and primary residences.

To gain more experience in the field, he ran a general contracting team focusing on residential remodel and rehabilitation. This experience allows him to estimate repair cost and understand which builder options are the best value for his clients. He has personally been through the new build process many times and has a deep understanding of the process, both as a Real Estate Professional and as an individual.

In his free time, Eric enjoys exploring Arizona in his Jeep Wrangler. Eric also enjoys teaching & training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.


I was looking to purchase a property for a long distance move. When the deal on our first property could not come to an agreement, Eric stayed on top of other options based on our criteria. Through video conferencing, we stayed in touch and viewed properties remotely. During video viewing, he not only showed the property but provided additional guidance (pros/cons) based on his experience. We ultimately made an offer on a property viewed online, feeling confident that Eric had our back. He was on top of things from beginning to end. We have now closed and are extremely happy with the house and the process. Ken H. - Surprise, AZ

Both me and my fiance are both young and had no idea where to even start with buying a house for the first time. I was going to just look online and hope to find something, but I didn't understand the process of getting a loan to looking at houses to put an offer in. Eric was extremely easy to work with, was very knowledgeable about different areas in Phoenix, and was always looking for a house for us to check out. Even when we would think we liked a house, he would give us his honest opinion to help us make the best choice. After searching for a few weeks, Eric thought of looking at new builds and so we went to go check out two new builds. Walking through the house that wasn't even fully built yet, Eric was asking several types of questions to the builder to make sure the house was going to be in tip-top shape, he was very impressed with how they built those houses and I trusted what he said. Eric helped me even get some things thrown into the house from the seller! We waited about 45 days or so for the house to be fully finished, now we have lived there for two months and it is the nicest place I have ever lived at and best of all, I own it!! I will be using Eric for all of my real estate needs in the future when it comes to selling/renting and buying a new house again! Dale - Phoenix, AZ

My husband and I were living in Illinois and contacted Eric to work with us on buying a home in Arizona. We were nervous as this was a long distance move. We flew to Arizona and met with Eric one weekend "just to look". We flew back a second weekend to actually purchase a home. Eric was amazing! He truly listened to our needs and wants in a home and then lined us up with many options to view. We had planned to spend 2-3 hours with Eric on the first Saturday that we were in town but ended up looking at homes for over 6 hours. Eric had done his research and found us so many homes to view knowing that we were in town for such a short amount of time. He took care of all of the details that normally go into buying a home and handled everything for us so that we could purchase this home and get things finalized from Illinois. We had absolutely zero problems as Eric was on top of all of the details. Even things that we hadn't thought of, Eric did and handled it all. This was the smoothest purchasing transaction we had ever been through and we have owned many homes. The closing was a breeze as well. We just showed up, signed our paperwork and received our keys. Since this time we have referred Eric to my husbands, manager's daughter and her family who were also moving to Arizona from Illinois. Our children will be coming out next year and again, we will send the kids Eric's way when the time comes for them to purchase their homes. If you are looking for the best realtor who will get you through the process flawlessly I highly recommend Eric Smith. You will be so happy you chose to work with him! Kelly H. - Surprise, AZ