The Importance of Home Warranties

Capstone Raw With Shelley Schroff From One Guard

Are you a first-time home-buyer? Getting a home warranty is highly recommended by the Capstone Realty team, in fact, we refer all of our clients to our One Guard representative Shelley to help them through the process of purchasing a home warranty to ensure they are protected in that first year of ownership. A home warranty is there to help you reduce the cost of various repairs that may be needed during the first year of ownership.

When you purchase a home, while you are required to get inspections prior to closing, it is not uncommon to see issues arise once you have been living in the house for a little while. From plumbing leaks to broken dishwashers, a home warranty can help reduce some of these expenses for new homeowners.

Common issues to arise in the first year of homeownership can include:

Home warranties last 1 year from the closing escrow date or start of policy date.

Check out the full video below for more important details about purchasing a home warranty!

If you have more questions about purchasing a home warranty for your home in Phoenix or a surrounding city, call the professionals at Capstone Realty!