4 Reasons to Buy a House in the Summer!

Happy Wednesday! We are now in the heat of summer, it is the perfect time to buy! Don’t think it is a great time to buy? Think again! Here are 4 reasons to buy a house in the summer. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to find out more information regarding the purchase of a home. We can be reached by phone at 602-354-5404 or by email at [email protected].

1. More Inventory to Choose From
During the summer there is generally more inventory to choose from compared to different times of the year. As a buyer this is great news as there are not as many other buyer’s looking for homes to purchase, which leads me to our next reason.

2. House Hunting When Others are Not

During the summer months most buyers are not actively searching for a home. They are usually on vacation or to busy with their kids out of school. The frenetic buyer activity and multiple bidding wars are virtually over during the summer months.
3. Easier To Move When Kids Are Out of School
If you have kids in school or young adult children heading off to college, Summer may be the right time to buy a home and plan a move. Changing school districts or downsizing can be time consuming and exhausting, so making the switch in the Summer makes it easier. Having your kids home will offer an additional helping hand when packing and moving!

4. Buyers Tend to Wait Until Spring
It is a common theme for buyers to believe that spring is the best time to purchase a home. Although some houses that go on the market during those spring months don’t end up selling and end up listed at a lower price during the summer months. Get to the properties for sale before they do!

Thank you for checking out our blog post this week! Make sure you check back every Wednesday for a new post! Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to reach out to us at 602-354-5404!